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Admin of the following tourneys: IEM Extreme Masters CTR-EUROPE FIFATOUR ZOWIE INVITE ICSCL a2gtour Extreme League exelp EslEM fnaticPLAY QTOURQ BeGOSU BegripTOUR BegripIOL SLAP CUP SLAP SWEDEN eCsPL SLAP GERMANY SLAP FINLAND SLAP DENMARK e-Stars eStarsQ SLAP POLAND ICCCUP ICCARENA steelseries KOTHL MSI BEAT IT EUROCUP IEMEUROPA IEM SWEDEn topleague ESEA Invite SLAP UKRAINE SLAP NORWAY SLAP BELARUS SLAP RUSSIA SLAP FRANCE EPS EUROPE ESWC MASTERS NORDIC BATTLE QUALI NORDIC BATTLE theSGL Swedish Cup EuroCupQ Eurocup QPAD Begrip cup lan EuroCup GERMANY EuroCup UK YourCup iolcup IOL AUSTRIA IOL BELARUS IOL BELGIUM IOL BOSNIA IOL BULGARIA IOL CROATIA IOL CZECH IOL SLOVAKIA IOL DENMARK IOL FINLAND IOL FRANCE IOL GERMANY IOL GREECE IOL HUNGARY IOL ENGLAND IOL ISRAEL IOL NETHERLANDS IOL NORWAY IOL POLAND IOL PORTUGAL IOL ROMANIA IOL RUSSIA IOL ESTONIA IOL LATVIA IOL LITHUANIA IOL UKRAINE IOL SPAIN IOL SWEDEN wcg masters eStars ESL INVITE Swedish Tour Begrip Cup wEG Masters Samsung Cup ESL INTEL EXTREME MASTERS Xplayn TECHLAB Nordic Masters Swedish Masters Stockholm Open QPAD CUP Skopje Masters Coca Cola Cup Coca Cola Cup Qualify Seagate Challenge GAMESTATION GIGATRON GameGune eSportSM FragliderCup IHL World Inuria Summer Inuria Summer Inuria Summer LOL MoholmLOL EUeSport Inuria Summer CS:GO INURIA SUMMER 1.6 INURIA SUMMER 1.6 Inuria Summer WC3 Inuria Summer SC2 Hardwire The Final Cup TFC DENMARK TFC SWEDEN TFC GRAND FINALS ProCUPS INTEL EXTREME MASTERS LOL CS WORLD CUP LoLWorldCup DREAMHACK CS LoL World Cup WCG CS:GO WCG2012 Extreme Masters LOL Extreme masters CS:GO Extreme Masters CS 1.6 BattleIT BattleIT Qual RIOT WORLD CUP THOR Open Razer Cup Razer CS:GO Q ROCCAT Razer LoL Q CDONopen LogitechCSGO GYGIL Sweden GYGIL Denmark StarSeries Nordic ESL Major Series ESL Major Series Germany ESL Major Series Spain ESL Major Series Denmark Go4LOL Go4CSGO ESEANORDIC ESEA CSGO BirdieLAN uyRTournaments uyR Qualifications PRO SERIES LOL NorthCon XLParty G League Fnatic FragOut TheNordicGames TheBalticGames TheCOISGames TheGermanyGames Fnatic FragOut Germany LoL Championship CSGO Championship SLTV STARSERIES CS World Cup ESPORT CHAMPIONSCHIP RaidCall EMS LCS SEASON 1 RIOT TOUR World GameMaster Tournament IPL13 IPL133 ESWCCSGO LCS KOREA FragbiteMasters DreamHack FACEIT Intel Extreme Masters WCGLOL RaidCall EMS uyR Tournament CS:GO RADEON CUP RADEONPLAYOFFS QPADOPEN SHG OPEN EsportVM GO4GO SLTV ProSeries SLTV ProSeries Germany CM Storm ESL Major Series CyberArena Pro League ESWCQUALIFY uyR-Tournament 1.6 ESWCQUALIFY2 ESWC2014 IOS2014 Intel Extreme Masters EU GPLAN tv6eSport SteelSeriesCSGO SteelSeriesCSGO UK SteelSeries CSGO Germany SteelSeries CSGO Brazil SteelSeries CSGO Finland SteelSeries CSGO Sweden BattleITQualify EuroGamersOnline Ozone Challenge MonsterMasters AlienWare Pro League GSL Egamingbets Cup Voronezh Cup CCS Multiplay i51 ESEA Sweden StockholmEsport EIZO Challenge SHL1415 CSGO Pro Series Hitbox Arena FACEIT LEAGUE Azubu Masters DH SUMMER 2015 DH2015Q CEVO Proseries LOL Championschip Series ASUS ROG SLTV STARSERIES FIFA MOHOLM ESL STARSERIES MLGINVITE RAZER Proseries Razer Proseries Playoffs Razer Proseries LQ Razer Proseries Final Extreme Masters XTRFY CUP ESL Cups StarSeries World Tour GameShow CS:GO League Global Offensive Champions Leagu EMS LOL ChampionsLeague Qualifier GameShow CS:GO League Gamers Assembly LCSWORLD World Championship Of Video Game Dreamhack CSGO LCS World LCS World Finals eSport World Cup EWC Qualify LPL Summer Split World Cup Of Esport Gaming Paradise ESEA ESL PRO LEAGUE CSGO Premier League World Championship CS:GO DreamHack OPEN League Of Sharks Fragbite Masters CEVO Pro League ESL Nordic Acer Predator Masters STARSLeague RGN Pro Series Championship CSGO World Cup Uprise Champions Cup ESL ESEA PRO LEAGUE Gigabyte Top League ESEA PRO LEAGUE AFKG MENA Championship CSGOMajor eSport Major ESL PRO CUPS Counter Pit League CSGO Regional Masters MixBOT Pro League ESL Tour 2016 Game Show Spring Invitational 20 GameShow Invitational Betway Invitational eSport World Cup ELEAGUE CSGO ECS League

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